The Road Less Traveled

A Journey of Self-Discovery, Empowerment, and Transformation

Hey there, I'm Josh Cheetham

Meet Josh Cheetham, a visionary leader who emerged from a challenging childhood to become a leader of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation, inspiring others to unlock their true potential.

In the early chapters of Josh Cheetham's life, marked by a turbulent childhood due to his parents' separation when he was just two years old, he experienced a profound sense of abandonment. Raised in confusing circumstances, Josh yearned for stability and calm whilst struggling to find meaning in the sometimes chaotic environment. However, amid the chaos, he cultivated a remarkable self-awareness that would become his guiding light. He observed the world around him, empathizing with others' struggles and laying the foundation for a unique journey ahead.

As the narrative of Josh's life continued, he discovered a sanctuary in his school years—a place where he could express himself freely. Embracing leadership roles as headboy in both primary and high school, Josh eagerly sought to understand the diverse individuals in his social circles, including his teachers. School provided not only education but also a stage for his individuality to shine. He realized he was playing a system and built invaluable relationships along the way, earning a pivotal leadership scholarship.

Fueled by a deep desire to impact lives, Josh took a courageous leap at the age of 19, leaving his first job in training to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. He began delivering leadership programs to empower communities, setting the stage for a dramatic transformation. Over the years, Josh invested in himself through courses and coaching, honing his skills and expertise. His relentless pursuit of personal growth and self-discovery culminated in him expanding his reach significantly. He organized impactful business events across the UK while coaching and mentoring male executives and business owners. In this phase, Josh achieved remarkable feats, unlocking his true potential and inspiring countless others to do the same.

Today, Josh Cheetham stands as the Co-Founder of Alchemy Training, a pioneering force in the Learning & Development industry. With over a decade of experience as a trainer, coach, and facilitator, Josh works with diverse individuals and groups, ranging from vulnerable communities to millionaire CEOs. His journey has led him to create opportunities, share his challenges, and openly discuss the highs and lows of personal growth. His mission is clear: to empower others to discover their inner truths, break free from limitations, and create a life of freedom. Through raw, open, and honest conversations, Josh connects like-minded individuals and ignites boundless opportunities.

He continues to be a beacon of empowerment for leaders, managers, and anyone seeking inspiration and self-expression. In his story, the magic lies in helping others uncover their own potential as they embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment together.

His mission is simple:
To empower others into clarity, self awareness and full expression in everything they do.

Whether it's coaching executives, delivering impactful business events, or connecting with inspiring people while exploring new countries, Josh is always pushing the boundaries of what's possible and inspiring others to do the same.

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